Meet the Facing Dragons Team

Brodie, Owner and CEO of Facing Dragons, is a Certified Professional Co-active Coach (CPCC). Brodie has extensive experience working one-on-one and in groups, and has a reputation for his ability to connect with and motivate teens and young adults. He understands people at a core level and is highly skilled at helping people reach their goals and create lasting transformations.

Dov Schafer, Gaming Design Researcher, is a PhD candidate at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia. He is studying peoples’ motivation to play video games and how to create mixed reality games that are customized to an individual’s learning needs. Dov is a lifelong gamer with a deep knowledge of game design and mechanics.

Stephen Urquhart is their business wizard, helping develop strategic partnerships, access grants, and connect with investors to make this all possible. Stay tuned for more information on how you can be involved with the Facing Dragons game, as well as their upcoming Kickstarter Campaign and official release date!

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