FD10: 3 Epic Years Later – Blind Swimmer @Enhamed

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How I won my blindness with Enhamed

Thank you so much, @Enhamed, for showing us all that we can do the impossible when we find a big enough WHY.

I am amazed at what Enhamed has been able to accomplish in the 3 years since our first interview:

  • Travelling to Nepal to help blind people.
  • Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro
  • Running the NYC Marathon
  • Completing the toughest Iron Man triathlon on the planet – Canary Islands
  • Authoring and publishing his best-selling book, Iron Mind

And, now, Enhamed is gearing up for a cross-country USA tandem bike tour devoted to raise awareness and honour the victims of the Twin Towers attack of 9/11.

enhamed USA tandem bike tour

To find out more about Enhamed’s bike tour challenge, visit http://www.1mile1soul.com

To join in on the tandem bike with Enhamed or to make a sponsorship or donation, visit http://www.1mile1soul.com/#!get-involve-join-us-project-donate/xttqb

On the show, we mentioned Alex Sheen’s work with www.becauseisaidiwould.com. I got to meet Alex at the Anthony Robbins Global Youth Leadership Summit in 2015. He is an outstanding man with a powerful story and message. Hoping to have him on the Facing Dragons Podcast one day soon!

brodie whitney - life coaching

Also, if you would like to accept my invitation for a free 30-minute personal coaching session with a coach from the #1 Peak Performance Coaches on the planet, please send the following:

1. Full Name
2. Phone #
3. What you are currently struggling with that you would like to change.
* Email to info@facingdragons.com with Subject: Coaching.

Please share with your friends and let’s continue to face, catch and tame our biggest dragons in life! Like @Enhamed … How have you made the impossible possible? I would love to hear ?


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