FD11: Expanding Your Comfort Zone – Coach’s Corner

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Facing Dragons is a real life gamers’ quest to discover and activate your success, life purpose and personal greatness through defining transitions of adult life.

Episode #11 of the Facing Dragons Podcast is our second ‘Coach’s Corner’ episode. We’ll take a break from all the incredible Facing Dragons Mentors we’ve had on the show and continue to focus on boosting your confidence as you face your dragons.

Have a piece of paper handing because I am going to walk you through a quick review of the 7 Pathways of Confidence so that you can gain clarity on where the greatest opportunities to develop confidence are for you.

I’ll also walk you through a simple and incredibly powerful exercise that will show you exactly where the opportunities are to expand your comfort zone and boost your overall confidence.

Growth happens outside the confidence. According to Human Needs Psychology, there are two needs that create fulfillment. One is contribution and one is growth. This episode is specifically focused on helping you to grow beyond your current discomforts so that you can become comfortable and confident with the things that have been holding you back from pursuing your dreams and your personal greatness.

If you have any questions about the exercise, email info@facingdragons.com

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Brodie Whitney is a master certified professional coach specializing in business and personal transformation. He loves to ride dragons and help people unlock their purpose and greatness. He consistently produces extraordinary results with individuals and audiences in personal, business, relationship, and fitness transformation. Also a passionate podcaster, Brodie hosts the Facing Dragons podcast

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