FD21: A Fierce Conversation on True Success with Evan Money and Brodie Whitney

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Today, we tag-team again with our man, Evan Money for round two, digging even deeper, and addressing a pervasive issue that automatically cripples anyone from just a young kid getting started on his or her journey, to even the most achieved, ambitious and “successful” people on the planet.

In our previous interview, we never actually resolved the deeper issue and judgements that came up for me when I watched Evan’s sizzle reel. To be completely honest, was unable to find a way to attack the problem, not the person, so I played it safe… showing up, archetypally, as a prince and a pleaser.

I walked away knowing I hadn’t actually served you, the listener… knowing I had avoided the fierce conversation on the table, not for lack of courage, but for lack of knowing how to attack the problem and not the person.

The interview you are about to hear is a huge leap forward for me journalistically, and I couldn’t have done it without Evan’s fearless willingness to play full out and join me as Kings, Warriors and Bros.

Let’s get to the truth that will set you free to step fully into your power and arrive at your own authentic version of success… beyond the mirage portrayed by mass media, including prime time news, reality tv, sizzle reals, click bait, commercials and more.

There’s no fancy editing today, just real conversation to cut through the over-sensationalized hype that has kept us all chasing an illusion for long enough.


Race Porsches, Swim with Dolphins, Grow Your Business and Yourself Like Never Before!



[3:40] If it’s not enough, you’re not enough.

[5:35] Travel Agents and Tour Guides to Success

[6:40] “Many men can build or make a fortune. Very few can build a successful family.” William Jennings-Bryant

[7:15] The Hollywood facade

[9:10] Lift the lid and let the little kid out

[10:10] Cuba and the Cameraman and The Crown

[11:55] Great journalism is handcuffed today.

[13:25] Sensationalism gets peoples’ attention, but does it empower them?

[16:45] Evan’s son’s response to 8 days unplugged and coming back into society.

[18:20] Attacking the problem – the sizzle reel.

[19:45] The true story behind the sizzle reel.

[21:45] My first response to the sizzle reel.

[23:00] Empty lives vs. empty stomachs

[26:45] The Escape Mentality – “The outside can never change the inside.” – Evan Money

[30:50] Static content and change

[34:20] Marc Von Musser’s candid feedback on the sizzle reel.

[36:30] Evan’s response

[40:00] A sizzle reel by definition

[42:00] A BIG YES

[43:15] Chasing the success mirage

[43:30] True Success

[49:00] Poverty Class Mindset, Working Class Mindset, Middle Class Mindset, Upper Class Mindset, World Class Mindset

[51:45] Evan leads an EXERCISE: What amount of money that will give you total security?

[57:37] It doesn’t get any better than this, right now. Love what is.

[58:40] The top 1% bracket of financial earners in the world

[1:00:25] Happiness is a choice.

[1:01:25] STORY: Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill: No amount of money could make me happy!

[1:03:50] “Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure.” – Tony Robbins

[1:04:00] The two human needs that create fulfillment.

[1:04:20] Growth equals happiness

[1:05:00] Are you successful now and why?

[1:05:15] Absolutely YES, because I’m growing!

[1:06:20] Actually listening

[1:07:45] The greatest question Larry King ever asked.


Race Porsches, Swim with Dolphins, Grow Your Business and Yourself Like Never Before!

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