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How I won my blindness with Enhamed

Enhamed is a blind Olympic champion swimmer, Iron Man athlete, published author, speaker and professional coach from the Canary Islands who “won his blindness” at age 8 and started swimming at age 9. Enhamed has set 4 World Records in his career as a swimmer and won 4 Gold Medals at the Paralympics in Beijing 2008. Today he shares his message of conquering obstacles and how to become the champion in your own life.

“Success is not in the reward, but in the way we live our life.” – Enhamed Enhamed  

Enhamed has made many very powerful decisions in his life that have allowed him to achieve incredible things and turn his blindness into a gift. When I asked Enhamed how he lost his sight at the age of eight, he said,

“I won my blindness…” – Enhamed Enhamed  

enhamed Paralympics Beijing 2008

I had the blessing to meet Enhamed in December, 2012 and we have since we have become friends. At the time, he didn’t speak english and was being guided by an interpreter. Just over six months later, July 1, 2013, I interviewed Enhamed for this interview in english. In that time, he had moved from his home in the Canary Islands, Spain to Boston, MA on his own… blind and not speaking the language… to take his life and his career as a Professional Speaker and Executive and Sports Coach to the next level.

This interview is the first in a series of two. Stay tuned for our next podcast episode, where we will re-convene with Enhamed three years later. You will be blown away by what he was able to accomplish in just three short years and you will surely be inspired by where he is going!

Make sure to check out Enhamed Enhamed on his website www.enhamed.com and let him know that you heard him on Facing Dragons. Also, check out his book Iron Mind, which will be out in English in the next few months.


iron mind enhamed swimmer                   

                                                      “Our beliefs affect what we achieve or don’t achieve. If we believe something is impossible, we will never make it. But if we believe we can do it, we will think about the million ways to do it, we will find the time, we will manage to get the resources we need, we will work tirelessly until we finally show that it was possible… just as we believed it was.” – Enhamed Enhamed 

I learned that one must never give in. What you are looking for can always come up in your next task, after taking a nap or while holding a conversation with your friends. But it is useless to just think about something and don’t do anything about it. You have to put those thoughts and ideas into practice.”  – Enhamed Enhamed

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