Holiday Update and Dragon Reveal – Dev Vlog #4 – Facing Dragons

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Happy Holidays from Facing Dragons!

Dov and Brodie filmed over the holidays to bring you this special holiday edition of our Dev Vlog! This week, they discuss the team’s diversity, future plans, and go into detail about the mighty dragons within the game.

A large topic of discussion with the Facing Dragons team and game development is how to include diversity and represent all walks of life within our game. Not only do we support diversity in game development, we also strive to create an inclusive team filled with creators of different backgrounds. We believe that each person brings something unique to the team, and we want to see that representation in our game, as well as our work-space. The inspiration each team member brings to the table is key to creating a truly inclusive experience, as well as a beautiful game for people all over the world.

This week, we also discussed the different dragons within the game and what aspects of the Life Wheel they represent. Each dragon, much like each aspect of life, is a unique embodiment. Therefor, the development of these creatures is crucial to the Facing Dragons game. We even included a sneak peak at some concept art for the game!

Concept Art Helios | Facing Dragons 2019

Thanks for watching this week’s Dev Vlog! We’ll be back next week with something extra special!



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