Prepare for the Facing Dragons Quest App!

In 2016, we launched two epic worldwide Quests online, then a 2-day live Quest with 150+ high school students and teachers. We’ve now gathered enough feedback to build the Facing Dragons Quest App!

Hold tight and prepare for awesomeness. The Facing Dragons ‘Rite of Passage’ Quest App is well underway, looking amazing, and will begin with a rite of passage and training to empower Coaches, Mentors, Leaders and Game-changers.

Facing Dragons is an interactive quest to turn your obstacles into opportunities and your gifts into greatness. Guided by Master Coach Brodie Whitney.

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Join the Tribe and Facing Dragons Quest. Oct 2-22, 2016. Apply the four codes to unlock your purpose and greatness. Learn the art of turning obstacles into opportunities. Face your dragons and expand your comfort zone. Your dragons await!