“Brodie is a spectacular individual and one of the best coaches you’ll ever meet.”Marc Von Musser, former Director of Coaching, Anthony Robbins Results Coaching
“You know, when you already have the first 3 digits to the vault and all you’re missing is that last one damn digit? That’s what having Brodie as your coach will get you: Those last tweaks that will make your business not only survive, but thrive!”Victor Ribeiro, Peak Performance Coach, NLP Training Specialist & Master Practitioner
“The first call I had with Brodie literally set my life on a different course with my Destiny. He laid out a simple time management system I could do with pen and paper, and I set a plan into action that came true with a multi-million dollar distribution deal three months later. Of all the mentors I have had, he’s had the highest impact on my life. Brodie operates at a high level of excellence, and every session with him creates a breakthrough. Thank you Brodie!”Sterling Cooley, CEO and Founder of Berkeley Ultrasound, Inc.
“Brodie has been my spirit brother, guiding me through decisions around my personal life and career and exposing me to incredible guidance and outside resources. I feel a confidence and groundedness that I never had before, and my income has literally tripled or quadrupled in only the last six months. Brodie, I am lucky to know you and so grateful for your impact.”Jim, Business Owner
“I’ve been working with Brodie for several years. He has consistently helped me access higher levels of drive, passion and purpose hidden deep below the surface to grow my business and realize my vision as an artist. Most recently I was asked to take a leadership speaking role way beyond my comfort zone. Knowing it could make or break everything I had worked so hard for, I was paralyzed with fear. In 45 minutes Brodie lead me from a state of total inaction to one of the most exuberant and passionate expressions of my own power that I’ve ever experienced. I went out on stage with a sense of calm and confidence and delivered the performance I knew I had inside me. He continues to surprise and deepen my sense of wonder and belief in what’s possible. I’m deeply grateful to Brodie and recommend his coaching at the highest level.”Ben Tritt, Founder and former Artistic Director at The Goliath Art Institute, CEO of Artmatr Inc.
“Brodie, you’ve helped me more in 1 coach call and 1 podcast than 4 years of speech therapy.”Katie
“Brodie has been committed to keep me focused on RESULTS that are important to me. He has guided me through a transition in my business which solidly puts me as the leader of my company and “Captain of My Ship”. Through confronting many different situations at work, which we called “opportunities” instead of “problems” my company’s annual Gross Sales increased 18% last year. Brodie has been committed to keep me focused on RESULTS that are important to me. Brodie is passionate about his total support and has inspired me to continue to focus on results and to always look for ways to improve.”Vince Belardo, Vince’s Auto Service
“Coaching is an opportunity to clear my head. I would compare it to driving in the rain. Coaching is the windshield wiper which helps to clear my sight so I can see the road ahead. I have all the tools, the vehicle, and the direction where I’m heading to. Sometimes it’s just hard to see the road from all the distractions.”

David Csanyi, Headway Moving Co.

“I don’t know how many words I could say to express my gratitude for Brodie. He has helped me through one of the most challenging times in my life and has inspired me to be, do, give, and create more. He showed me how to have crystal clarity on my goals, how to visualize, how to meditate, how to step up, how to set higher standards for myself and others, how to be present, and so much more! Because of his passion to give, I was able to define my purpose and mission in life. My Purpose is: Become the best version of myself and live passionately, while helping others to achieve the same. My Mission is: To leave a powerful legacy that helps positively change the lives of billions of people to live out their dreams. I am soooo thankful for all the time he has given to be not only a coach, but a role model and friend.”Ibraheem Elgallad, Entrepreneur
“In less than 6 months with Brodie as my coach, I left behind a job that was killing me and landed myself a dream job at Google! I have launched my coaching practice, trained teams and organizations in leadership. My personal life has transformed as well! I’ve lost 20 lbs, created a whole new lifestyle that includes fitness and healthy eating, and started dating again. I have developed a powerful new identity for myself and people are now turning to me for advice and seeing me as the leader. WOW!”Anthony Le, Leadership Consultant
“Brodie ALWAYS meets me right where I am at and delivers pearls to aid me on my next steps. From fatherhood to financials, he has helped and inspired me to STEP UP and live to my potential! If you are on the fence, take the leap. You won’t regret it.”Dr. Spence Pentland


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